Where to Find Cool Jewelry if You’re So Done with Being the Only Adult Shopping for Themselves at Claire’s

cool minimal jewelry no repeats or hesitations

Hey, everyone! If you read my list of 19 resolutions for this year, you’d know that one of them was to step up my jewelry game. Admittedly, my jewelry game up until now has been weak af, and I attribute this to a few different reasons. I, for one, was always more focused on clothes when it came to styling, because, if you’ve been following this blog/me/my life since forever, you’d know that I used to wear the craziest pieces I could get away with. Think loud prints, bold colors – and while I still love and appreciate those things, I’m now finally at a point where I’m dressing, well, a little more “tame” and “safe.”


Another reason, though, is that I just…. straight up hated almost all of the jewelry I had. All of the jewelry I had amassed throughout my lifetime was weird, juvenile, hard to wear, and just flat-out not chic. So, yeah, I wasn’t exactly reaching for my jewelry chest when getting ready each morning.

When I sat down and wrote my list of resolutions, I took note of the fact that my jewelry collection was not up to par and desperately wanted to pinpoint EXACTLY why I had so much ugly crap and not very many cool-girl pieces. I came to yet another very important revelation: WHERE does one find cute, minimalist, grown-up, simple, delicate, dainty, beautiful jewelry that won’t break the bank? There is no clear retailer to transition to for accessories after Claire’s. Like, THINK about it, you guys. Claire’s will always have a special place in my heart, but there is basically no equivalent one-stop-shop that’s specifically branded for grown-up women. This highlights a maaaaajor gap in the industry; it’s 2019, people! I can’t be the first person who’s realized this while on a quest for jewelry answers.


cool jewelry no repeats or hesitations

That is why, my friends, I decided to write such an important post. For years, I have been suffering under the plight of Claire’s and crappy jewelry, but I am SUFFERING NO LONGER. I am so proud to tell you that YES, I have revamped my entire jewelry collection (and it’s only March woo!) and it is siiiiick af. If I can do it, you can do it. Here’s a list of retailers where you, too, can embark on finding affordable, kick-ass jewelry.

1. & Other Stories

This has become one of my favorite stores not only because of the cute clothes and shoes but because the accessories are SO. ON. POINT! My dudes, you can get cute earrings for less than $20 a pair. Cannot recommend enough.


2. Asos

Asos has increasingly become a go-to retailer for me ever since I canceled my Amazon Prime (RIP). I haven’t ordered much jewelry from here, but if you’re in the market for it, it’s a convenient choice for both statement and minimal pieces.


3. Etsy

If you’ve ever tried to search for jewelry on Etsy, you may have been overwhelmed at the hundreds of thousands of results that come up after you search “cute minimalist earrings.” I know I was. While there are millions of cute pieces on there, some shops to get you started are Hoops By Hand, Layered By Long, and Mas Femme. All three are top rated and have absolutely stunning pieces.

cool jewelry no repeats or hesitations

4. Express

Have you guys EVER heard me talk about Express? ME NEITHER. Ha! I randomly popped into an Express a couple of months ago around the holidays and walked away with a bunch of beautiful earrings! I was SHOOK. Their stuff is super affordable and I also feel like they have sales fairly often so you can get a really good deal here! Totally underrated, IMO.


5. Mejuri

I admire Mejuri a lot for what they’re trying to do – they’re not exactly *affordable,* but that’s because they’re positioning themselves to be “nice jewelry for less.” So no, you’re not gonna find things under $20 here, folks, but this is if you want to get that real $hit instead of cheaper $hit but at a more ~sensible~ price. Beautiful stuff.

cool jewelry no repeats or hesitations

Barrette by COS

6. COS

Alright, ya girl does not have the budget for clothes at COS, but their jewelry is at a similar price point to & Other Stories if you can believe it! It’s a taaad bit more expensive, but not by a lot. I walked away with a beautiful barrette from here and a super sleek necklace.


cool jewelry no repeats or hesitations

7. Local boutiques

No matter where you live, you can find some amazing gems (pun intended) right in your own backyard. Not just in boutiques but at flea markets, roadside stands, garage sales, you name it. Here in NYC, I love shopping at little sidewalk stands in Soho/Chinatown as well as Pema in Williamsburg and Awoke Vintage in Greenpoint for cute things.

cool jewelry no repeats or hesitations

With these retailers as jumping-off points, you’re well on your way to being an accessory kween. I hope you guys found this helpful and insightful, and if you know of any stores that I didn’t list here, feel free to give them a shout out in the comments! Sharing is caring. I’ll be back next week with more fashion and beauty realness.

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