How I Quadrupled My Monthly Pinterest Views

how to increase your monthly views on pinterest

So, you want to find out how to increase your monthly viewers on Pinterest, eh? Well, you clicked on the right link, ’cause I’m spilling all the tea on how I quadrupled my monthly viewers (spoiler alert, it’s easier than you think!).

I’ll be honest – I struggled with getting my Pinterest monthly viewers up for a longggg time. I’ve read countless blog posts, listened to hours worth of podcasts, but none of the strategies I read or heard were giving me the result I wanted. Not gonna lie, I was pretty frustrated.

It took me a long time, but I finally found a strategy that works for ME. I can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone, but I’m sharing it with you all because it’s the only strategy that makes my monthly views and my referral traffic significantly increase.

how to increase your monthly viewers on pinterest


STEP 1: Make a quotes board

I read Emma Lenhart’s Pinterest tips a couple of years ago and something that she shared piqued my interest – she said that making a “Quotes” board on Pinterest would increase monthly viewers/traffic. Curious, I tried it out. I created a Quotes board and started pinning inspirational quotes that I found on my Pinterest feed and by searching. I found that this did make a difference, but then I took it one step further …

STEP 2: Pin a mix of non-original and original quote posts

There are millions of quote posts already on Pinterest, and pinning the ones that you identify with to your new quotes board will cause an uptick in your repins and your views. However, to really get my monthly views to skyrocket, I found the most success by creating my own quote posts and pinning them to my board. I discovered this after I pinned the graphics I made using Canva for both my August and January phone backgrounds posts. The results have been astounding, see for yourself!

how to increase your monthly viewers on pinteresthow to increase your monthly viewers on pinterest

STEP 3: Optimize your pin descriptions with keywords

My quote post pins would not have seen success had I skipped this crucial step. After you make your own quote posts, you need to optimize your pins with keywords. Keywords are words/phrases that you want your pin to appear under when someone is searching. You will want to use LONG TAIL keywords, meaning 2+ words. To get an idea for what keywords people are searching for, simply do a search of your own. This is what happens when you type “inspirational quotes” in Pinterest’s search bar. The words in the different colored boxes are examples of words that you can append to “inspirational quotes” to create more long tail keywords.

how to increase your monthly viewers on pinterest

STEP 4: Distribute your pins more widely across Pinterest by pinning to group boards

Group boards can be kind of a mixed bag, so choose WISELY!  You’ll want to join ones that are relevant to your niche and not spammy – if the content being pinned to the group boards look similar to your own/actually interest you, then it’s worth joining. There are a lot of boards out there that accept any account and then they just became a free-for-all/wasteland of pins that don’t really serve anyone and will only waste your time and energy.

To find group boards to join, I recommend visiting my Pinterest. You’ll see that I’m part of quite a few group boards. Not all of them will be accepting new members, sadly, so it’s best to look at more than one account. Pick your favorite pinners and visit their pages – chances are, they’re in some good group boards that you can join.

STEP 5 (Optional but very helpful): Use Tailwind to schedule and loop your pins

This step is optional but can help you save time AND increase your monthly viewers/traffic. I use Tailwind to schedule some of my pins. I manually pin to my boards almost every day, but the rest of my pins are scheduled through Tailwind. Tailwind will automatically publish your pins at the optimal times, giving them the best chance to succeed (i.e. rack up views, shares, and clicks). They also recently launched a looping feature, meaning you can circulate certain pins so that they are continuously repinned to the top of relevant boards. To increase the likelihood that your pins will get seen and shared to the desired amount of people, I would highly recommend investing in Tailwind. They offer a free trial that doesn’t require a credit card to sign up (bless up!) and once your free trial ends, you can sign up using this link to get another month free!


1. Make a quotes board

2. Pin a mix of non-original quote posts and original quote posts

3. Optimize your pin descriptions with keywords (VERY important!)

4. Distribute your pins more widely across Pinterest by pinning to group boards

5. OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, use Tailwind to schedule and loop your pins

how to increase your monthly viewers on pinterest

Are you active on Pinterest? Feel like you know how to increase your monthly viewers on Pinterest? Interested in trying this strategy? Do you have other strategies that work wonders? Share with me in the comments below!


how to increase your monthly viewers on pinterest

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    • Yesss I hope they help! I tried so many other things before this that really didn’t get me the results I was looking for. These are definitely worth trying 🙂

  • Quotes get a ton of views on Pinterest for sure! It’s especially great to use those quotes to get people to click through to your blog – super smart idea!

    • yeah totally! Even though I’m continuously making new quotes, I redirect the newer pins to my blog posts from a while back. It’s such a game changer for me.

  • These are great tips! It’s amazing how much traffic Pinterest can drive. I can totally see why creating quote images would drive traffic. They’re everyone’s fave 🙂

    • Hahaa yeah people loooooove a good inspirational quote! I didn’t expect them to make such a big difference on my views/traffic but the numbers are astonishing!

    • yes!! Quotes are insanely easy to find, make, and pin and the results are astounding for how little effort they are!

    • Yes – same! I literally just did a cleanse of my group boards the other day and just requested to join some new ones. The ones that have a low vitality/repin score are just not worth keeping, I think!

    • Yes!! Definitely make a quotes board – I find that my outfit posts and social media marketing posts weirdly don’t do very well on Pinterest, but if I make one super cheesy quote on Canva, it spreads like wildfire haha! It’s worth trying out to see what happens.

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