5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos More Compelling and Engaging

how to make your instagram photos more engaging

Hey, everyone! Sorry I missed you all last week – I haven’t been feeling too much like myself lately, but I’ve been sitting on this post idea for quite a while now. I’ve been trying to push myself creatively by coming up with more innovative ways to be photographed for both this blog and my Instagram. Let’s face it, being photographed in the same few poses over and over again is boring! Most of us scroll lightening fast through our feeds, so we only have a second or two to grab someone else’s attention with our photos and videos. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your Instagram photos more engaging, look no further. I’ve provided 5 ideas (with examples!) to spark your inner Creative Director.

1. Experiment with motion

how to make your instagram photos more engaging

High school musical jump, anyone? Start jumping, leaping, and moving your body for an action shot! With the right timing, you/your photographer can capture one-of-a-kind images that will surely generate buzz.

2. Play around with perspective

Content queen Tezza pioneered the art of the rotated photo with her #BenditlikeTezza challenge. Find ways to use your hands, legs, and surroundings to create an optical illusion when your photos are rotated, giving people a reason to stop scrolling their feeds to have their eyes on YOU!

3. Get creative with props and accessories

Have a cute coffee cup or purse in hand? Instead of holding it the way you’re expected to, think outside the box. Can you throw your bag around and capture it mid-air? Can you balance your props on your head while also standing on one foot?

4. Use your limbs to your advantage

Who here struggles to figure out what to do with their arms and legs in photos? 🙋🏻‍♀️. Get kicking and scratching to make for an interesting photo! Instead of putting your arms by your sides, experiment with stretching them out in all different directions. With your legs, try a kick rather than having your feet

5. Get silly

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Trying something new by posting this super goofy photo because why not? Sometimes, this app feels too serious to me, you know? Especially with bloggers, everyone is super poised and posed most of the time. I was trying to do something cool and artsy and inventive a la @tezza by waving my bag around, but this was captured instead and I’m not even mad about it. Let this serve as a reminder to have fun, be silly, and experiment because life is just too dang short. 📷: @francescapauline . . . . #mylifeooo #influencehercollective #f21xme #leopardprint #leopardtrend #leoparddress #nycblogger #nycinfluencer #nycstreetstyle #nycstreetfashion #nycfashionblogger #nycstyleblogger #newyorkblog #newyorkblogger #brooklynfashion #brooklynstyle #newyorkfashionblog #newyorkfashionblogger

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We’re all probably guilty of being a little too serious on the ‘gram sometimes, so liven things up by showing your silly side! Share bloopers, laughing shots, and just general goofiness to remind your audience that you keep it real and fun.


Those are my tips on how to make your Instagram photos more engaging. If you decide to replicate any of the poses/ideas shown here, I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram @norepeatsorhesitations if you felt inspired after reading this post.

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