A 6 Month Check-In With My 2019 Resolutions

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Hey, everyone! It’s been EXACTLY 6 months since I listed 19 resolutions that I wanted to achieve in 2019. Now that we’re halfway through the year, I’m checking in on how that’s been going so far.


Visit at least 3 new places | I’m on track to do this! I’ve already visited New Orleans and Paris and I’m going to Seattle in October 🎉

Negotiate a raise | Sort of did this? More detailed post coming soon.

Shop more sustainably (check resale sites FIRST instead of fast-fashion sites) | Neeeeeed to get better at this. I love Depop but I always hesitate to buy because I’m unsure of sizing (I am a small in tops but usually a medium in bottoms, so it’s tough). The brick-and-mortar thrift stores in NYC are pretty picked over. I really wish I could take a trip to the midwest purely to thrift because that’s where all the best thrift stores are! Show me the lie. 

Wear bold lipstick more often | I’ve been doing this thanks to this incredible liquid lip line

Step up my jewelry game | DONE! Check out this post for proof.

Find a replacement for the Shanghai Cafe (was my favorite Chinese restaurant in NYC but it shut down, R.I.P.) | SHANGHAI CAFE REOPENED AND I LITERALLY CRIED TEARS OF JOY.

Stop impulse-buying | Will I ever REALLY stop doing this?? I’ve definitely gotten a LOT better though, does that count? 

Spend more time listening to music | Haven’t really done a ton of this.

Go to more concerts | Accomplished!

Read more books | I read two books this month, so that was exciting! Hoping to continue that trend.

Reconnect with old friends | Haven’t really done this, sadly.


Land 1 sponsored collab per month | YEP! Killin’ it thanks to Social Fabric, u r my bae.

Meet more Internet friends irl | Done!

Increase engagement across all platforms | Instagram is k i l l i n g  m e but I get a good amount of engagement on my Facebook page so that’s cool I guess? 

Attend more PR/networking events | LOL well, there was that time I crashed a PR event and documented the experience on my Instagram Stories. Follow me for more debauchery 😈

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Learn how to French braid my hair

Learn to sew

Practice new songs on the ukulele

Master at least 5 new vegetarian dishes

…OOOOF I have not done any of these. SMH.

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I’ve actually done about half of these goals, so that’s pretty good! I have the other half of the year to do the rest. The main things I need to do are get a raise, reconnect with old friends, and learn all those new skills I said I would learn, oops. Did you set any goals for this year? Have you been keeping track of them? Did we set any of the same goals? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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  • The only new year’s resolution I’ve ever successfully done was my resolution in 2017 to only wear matching underwear. It’s still going strong, but there’s not many opportunities to show people that my bra and panties match. LMAOOOOO

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