How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashion Blogger

How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashion Blogger

Last week, I decided to make a BOLD fashion choice and wear my dual patterned leopard skirt from Boohoo with my black and tan polka dot blouse (so that’s THREE patterns at once, y’all). I had never worn that many prints at one time, but it was definitely a high risk, high reward situation. SO many people came up to me and asked me if I was wearing a dress! People were legit trying to FIGURE my outfit out like a puzzle. Idk about you, but I’d say that’s a testament to the success of the cohesiveness of this lewk.

How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashion Blogger

How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashion BloggerHow to Mix Patterns Like a Fashion BloggerRELATED POST: HOW TO MIX STRIPES WITH LEOPARD PRINT

To be honest with you, I was totally nervous when I stepped out the door. I was second-guessing myself, “Is this outfit TOO crazy?!?” I had all sorts of doubts. The moment I arrived at my office and people started inquiring about it, I felt AMAZING. Like, YAS! I pulled off wearing THREE patterns at once, not an easy feat. If you’re wanting to do the same and experiment with the existing prints in your wardrobe, here are my top pointers on how to mix patterns like a fashion blogger.

1. Stick to a similar color palette

I didn’t play too much with color here and for a good reason. While there are multiple shades of brown happening, this look is monochrome enough to make sense to the average eye. With too many colors, you run the risk of looking like you got dressed in the dark. A defined color palette signifies thought and intention.

2. Choose similar fabrics

A big reason as to why people may have thought that this outfit was a dress is because of the fabric! Both my shirt and skirt are made out of a nearly identical polyester blend. If your pieces look like they were made of the same material, you can trick spectators into believing that your multi-print outfit was truly MEANT to be.

3. Pick neutral accessories

Wearing three patterns was A LOT, so I decided to keep things chill with my shoes, bag, and glasses. If you’re focusing on mixing patterned clothing, I’d suggest going with solid, uniform accessories as to not go too overboard. If accessories are the pieces you’re playing with, then wear solid/neutral clothes to counteract everything. It’s all about balance!



Feeling like you know how to mix patterns like a fashion blogger? Have you worn more than one print at once? What did you think of this outfit and these tips? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below (I read every comment!).

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