How to Wear Fall Clothes in the Summer

how to wear fall clothes in the summer

Hey everyone! Idk about you, but fall has been on my mind recently. It’s by far my favorite season and tbh, we’re getting to that time of year when our summer wardrobes are feeling a bit … stale. Don’t get me wrong – I know I’ll be longing to wear my sundresses again come January, but when I get into a rut with my wardrobe, regardless of the season, I like to get a lil ~inventive~. Here’s how to wear fall clothes in the summer.


how to wear fall clothes in the summer

For this #ootd, I wore a long-sleeve cherry print blouse that I scored at the Zara sale (similar here). I unbuttoned it almost all the way #scandalous. I draped it across my shoulders for an off-the-shoulder look that works in the summer heat. Obviously, I can’t go outside in my fall coats juuuuust yet, but I can repurpose my long sleeve blouses into breezy, summery cold shoulder tops. Move over, t-shirts.

how to wear fall clothes in the summer

I decided to pair this look with my grey denim skirt from Asos, but this shirt looks equally cute with a pair of shorts.

how to wear fall clothes in the summer

Loving this look? You can shop my favorite long-sleeve blouses in the widget below.


I hope this post gave you guys some style inspo! Going forward, a lot more of my fashion posts will be focused on how to repurpose items from season to season. I want to hone in on being more inventive with styling and giving pieces more wear time. It’s easy to fall into the “I have nothing to wear/I’m sick of all my clothes” trap, when the reality is, you can probably wear some of your off-season pieces in ways you never previously considered. Anyway – thank you for coming to my TED talk and leave comments below to let me know your thoughts on this post! Tune in next Wednesday for more good stuff 🙂

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