5 Beauty and Skincare Empties: Volume II

Can you believe it’s been 2 months since I published my first beauty and skincare empties post?! Absurd! I can’t believe these past 2 months have flown by, and I’m also in shock that I managed to go through 5 additional products in that time. In case you need a refresher, my beauty and skincare empties series is where I share products that are, you guessed it, emptied out because I used them up! I’m constantly trying out new products, so these roundups (like all of my posts) have my honest takes on which products are holy grails and which ones are total duds. Woo!!! Let’s talk empties!!


glossier body hero beauty and skincare empties

1. Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash 

Glossier Body Hero is seriously one of the best body washes I’ve ever tried. The scent is AMAZING. You cannot buy a body wash that smells like this one at the drugstore, because if you could, I’d have that in my shower right now instead. Unfortunately, ya girl can’t justify paying $18 for freakin’ body wash when Dove exists. That’s the tea. If this were cheaper, you better believe this would be my ride or die body wash.

Wouldn’t buy again, but only because of the price

olay regenerist beauty and skincare empties

2. Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

Olay’s influencer marketing game is hella strong (remember when Kim Kardashian promoted their Whips line?!?). After seeing post after post on my feed, you guessed it, I was *influenced.* I purchased the trial size, since I wasn’t sure if I’d like this or not (which is always a good idea when you try a new product, helloooo Sephora checkout line). I’m very self conscious about the wrinkles on my neck and I’m only 24. Needless to say, this did absolutely nothing for my neck or any of the wrinkles on my face for that matter. I still haven’t found a good product for my neck, but I’ve had much better luck for my undereye area with this Herbivore serum. Save your money, fam.

Wouldn’t buy again

pixi beauty vitamin c lotion beauty and skincare empties

3. Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Lotion Brightening Moisturizer

As a HUGE fan of Pixi Beauty, it pains me to say that this moisturizer wasn’t my fave. I loved the subtle Vitamin C scent, this was just too thicc for me, personally. I prefer more water-based moisturizers like this Neutrogena one. The Pixi one is on the heavier side and left me feeling kinda greasy after application. No Bueno.

Wouldn’t buy again

clarins lip comfort oil beauty and skincare empties

4. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

I bought this oil over a year ago, used it almost every single day since purchasing (as evident by how worn this tube is), and finally ran out of it a week ago. I love this so much I already went to Sephora to get my 2nd tube!! If you’re familiar with Laneige’s Lip Mask (a.k.a. the greatest lip mask ever), you’ll love this oil. I dab this on as the last step in my makeup routine in the morning  (if I’m not wearing lipstick, that is) to make my lips soft and hydrated. Cannot recommend enough. A couple of warnings: this product is low-key difficult to find in store, so I recommend ordering it online. Also, you can’t apply this to your lips and then apply lipstick right after because it will make a big mess (learned that one the hard way).

Would buy again

glossier zit stick beauty and skincare empties

5. Glossier Zit Stick

I bought the Zit Stick soon after it first launched and my review was mixed. I’ve put so many different skincare products on my face that at this point, I’m almost immune to Zit Stick, so it doesn’t even clear my breakouts the way it did when I first purchased it. I will continue to buy it, however, because my boyfriend is obsessed with it! He won’t step foot into the Glossier showroom in NYC, but this is one of the few skincare items I’ve gotten him into (lord knows I’ve tried so hard).

Would buy again


That’s it for this round of beauty and skincare empties! Have you tried any of these products? What beauty/skincare items are you loving right now? Anything specific that you want to see me try next? Leave your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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