10 Last Minute Gifts from Amazon That Don’t Totally Suck

last minute gifts from Amazon

Have you ever been like, “#$@%! I need to buy so-and-so a gift and I forgot omggggg!” a week before Christmas, because same. Luckily, we live in a world where eCommerce is a thing. I put together a gift guide for last-minute shopping on Amazon Prime – and these gifts are actually GOOD. As in, people will actually be happy to receive these. I won’t tell anyone they were last minute 😉


last minute gifts from Amazon

For the friend who’s hyper-organized: a Bando Planner

bando 2020 planner last minute gifts from amazon

It’s almost 2o20, after all. Bando has the cuuutest planners and they’re available right on Amazon!! Convenient af.

Ban.do 12 Month 2020 Hardcover Planner, $20

For the photography enthusiast: an Instax film multipack

instax film last minute gifts from amazonBurning money just to see what picture you took is lame, we can all agree on that. An Instax film multipack is always welcomed for anyone who has an Instax camera. They’ll be able to use this gift to create plenty of art and memories. Yassss!

Instax Film Multipack 40 shots total, $38

For the trendsetter: a Carhartt Beanie

carhartt beanie last minute gifts from amazon

Everyone and their mom has been rocking Carhartt brand beanies this season. Seriously, I see them EVERYWHERE in NYC (NYC peeps, can you confirm that you see them, too?!?). This gift is both warm, practical, AND trendy. Checks off so many boxes, really.

Carhartt Beanie, $14.99

For the biggest hometown advocate: a homesick candle

homesick candle last minute gifts on amazonWe all have that one friend that one shut up about where they’re from. Give them something to write home about (ha!) and get them this candle. Even if the scent ends up being no bueno, at least the candle will look super cute in flatlays and shelfies. That’s something!

Homesick Candle, $26.95 – $29.95

For the nail salon regular: a nail dryer

nail dryer last minute gifts from amazonFor the record, I had no idea you could buy one of these on Amazon until I fell down a nail-product rabbit hole. This is a DOPE gift for someone who has a strong af nail game. Honestly, I avoid painting my nails because I always eff it up by touching something while my nails are still wet. This dryer would definitely be a game changer.

Gel UV LED Nail Lamp, $22.99

For the makeup guru: a brush cleaner

makeup brush cleaner last minute gifts on amazon

Makeup brushes get dirty af and it’s hard to keep them clean without the proper tools, and that’s the chamomile. If you have a beauty-obsessed friend and you were thinking about getting them makeup but don’t want to totally botch it, THIS is a way better idea! Forget about trying to figure out their foundation shade and just add this to your cart already.

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner, $37.99

For the friend who is married to their bed: a sleep mask and pillow spray combo

sleep mask last minute gifts on amazon

Ok, real talk though, I have lavender pillow spray and it is DIVINE. I didn’t know I wanted/needed such a thing until I received it as a gift and WOW. It’s fantastic. Give the gift of better shut-eye, because who doesn’t need that? This is especially welcomed for any insomniac friends.

Fuzzy sleep mask, $8.99

Lavender linen spray, $12.99

For the hair pro: a scrunchie in every color

scrunchies last minute gifts on amazon

I just would like to point out that one of my very FIRST blog posts was a shopping roundup on scrunchies back in the year of our lord 2014. This was a good 5 YEARS before the rise of VSCO girls and Teen Vogue declaring scrunchies as the biggest trend of 2019. Ok? Ok. (We get it, Emily, you’re psychic/a trendsetter.) Scrunchies are just now hitting the mainstream and your friend can use them to tie their hair back as well as rock them as bracelets. A huge set like this one (60 scrunchies!) allows for endless styling possibilities.

60 Velvet Scrunchies, $14.55

For the voracious reader and hopeless romantic: Playing With Matches and Love at First Like

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First of all, if you’re not following @hannahorens on Instagram, I recommend going and doing that because her account is SO fun. Then, get your hands on one of her books and prepared to have an equally good time! • • • I’ve been so excited to read her sophomore novel, Love At First Like about a single girl named Eliza who runs a jewelry store in with her sister in Brooklyn. One night Eliza accidentally posts a picture of herself wearing an engagement ring, and when her imaginary relationship leads to a real boost in sales for her store, Eliza decides to go full steam ahead with the fake engagement. Be warned that the main character in this book makes some questionable decisions, but they are always interesting! I loved the jewelry aspect of this book (Frost yourself!) and the way Orenstein examined the lifestyles of social media influencers, in particular the ways they often toe the line between fact and fiction. Overall this was a very fun, very thought-provoking read! • • • #loveatfirstlike #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #bookish #bookshelf #booksparks #booksharks #influencers #jewelry

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Idk about you, but I am obsessed with Hannah Orenstein’s books, Playing With Matches and Love at First Like. I read both in, like, a day each lol. Such cute books for any 20something in your life!

Playing With Matches, $10.20

Love at First Like, $12.89

For the skincare-obsessed: a sheet mask multipack

sheet masks last minute gifts from amazon

Can’t go wrong with a bunch of sheet masks! They’re fun, easy to use, and give a nice glow. This is a great last minute gift for both skincare novices and pros.

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet 16 Combo Pack, $9.99


last minute gifts from AmazonThat concludes my last minute gifts from Amazon roundup! I suggest pinning/bookmarking this page for BIRTHDAY gift inspo (because we’ve all been in a time crunch there, too!). Which gifts are you looking forward to giving/receiving this year? Leave your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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