20 Resolutions for 2020 + Checking in With My 2019 Goals

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2020, I am soooooo ready for you! 2019 was a tough year for ya girl. Despite the rough patches, I’m coming out stronger on the other side. I learned so much about myself and what’s really important to me. I wasn’t as consistent on the blog as I would have liked to have been, but it’s only because I was reshaping the way I think about my life and what I really want. I have some really exciting announcements coming up in January about what I’ve been up to and what’s next for me + this site, so be sure to tune into my Instagram if you aren’t already 🙂

What I will say now, though, is that I am ~CHANGING~ the way I post here on NRoH! I ran a poll on my Instagram Stories, and most of you were in favor of my new plan. Each month, I’m going to have a different content ~THEME~. That means for any given month, I will only be writing blogs in one specific category (all fashion, all beauty, all travel, etc). This is going to make it a lot easier for me to write, shoot, and plan my content, and I hope you guys enjoy getting more comprehensive coverage.

Ok, yada yada, I’m getting to the goals part. Last year, I came up with a list of 19 goals that I wanted to complete by year’s end. I checked in with myself 6 months in, but I’m giving the list a final look. In terms of how well I did, I did ehhh. Shockingly, 2019 was the first year I actually made goals and kept track of them. I have a way better understanding now of what’s realistic for me to accomplish in 2020.

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2019 Goal Recap


Visit at least 3 new places | Exceeded this goal! I visited NOLA, Paris, Seattle, and Hawaii.

Negotiate a raise | lol didn’t technically do this, but I’m starting a new job in January that pays more than the job I had at this time last year soooooo there’s that

Shop more sustainably (check resale sites FIRST instead of fast-fashion sites) | Need to improve this. I’m signing up for clothing rental services next year, but unfortunately, I will continue to buy shoes new because my foot is extremely narrow and it’s soooo hard to find shoes for me, generally. 

Wear bold lipstick more often | I’ve been doing this thanks to this incredible liquid lip line

Step up my jewelry game | DONE! Check out this post for proof.

Find a replacement for the Shanghai Cafe (was my favorite Chinese restaurant in NYC but it shut down, R.I.P.) | SHANGHAI CAFE REOPENED AND I LITERALLY CRIED TEARS OF JOY.

Stop impulse-buying | Have gotten a LOT better at this!

Spend more time listening to music | Haven’t really done a ton of this.

Go to more concerts | Accomplished!

Read more books | Ehh, I could definitely be reading more.

Reconnect with old friends | Haven’t really done this, sadly.


Land 1 sponsored collab per month | For the first half of 2019, I was killin’ it with this goal, but the second half was rough. 

Meet more Internet friends irl | Done! Shoutout to Sofia and Masha 💕

Increase engagement across all platforms | Did this for FB/Pinterest for sure. Instagram was really up and down for me.

Attend more PR/networking events | Didn’t do too hot in this area.


Learn how to French braid my hair | Ugh, didn’t do this.

Learn to sew | Ughhhh, didn’t do this either.

Practice new songs on the ukulele | Only did this a tiny bit.

Master at least 5 new vegetarian dishes | I only mastered 2 dishes all year instead of 5, one of which you can see in this video.

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20 Resolutions for 2020


Visit at least 4 new places

Finish decorating my apartment

Launch my new website (!!!)

Diversify my income

Declutter my apartment/my life lol

Stop using makeup wipes and cotton pads altogether

Up my bronzer game

Read at least 12 new books

Visit my local library way more often

ONLY shop secondhand for the following types of items: shirts, jackets, sweaters, bags


Establish long term relationships with several brands

Get back into creating YouTube videos regularly

Create more video content for Instagram and Tik Tok

Optimize old blog posts for SEO

Get more press features

Befriend more local bloggers


Take online marketing courses (looking at you, Hubspot)

Master 3 new vegetarian recipes

Improve my yoga poses

Learn how to read my tarot cards

2020 goals no repeats or hesitations


As you can see, I made my New Skills list a lot more achievable this time around! I also upped the ante on my travel goal, which I’m super excited to cross off. 2020 is going to be so freakin’ good and I can’t wait to share everything with you all! Thank you for reading this and following my journey as a person and a creator. I’m so thankful for the NRoH community. Be sure to check the homepage every Wednesday for new content 💖

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