The Ultimate Guide to Working With NYC Job Recruiters

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Hey, everyone! I’m so glad to be sharing one of my most requested blog posts of ALL TIME. I can’t tell you how much I wished this post existed when I graduated from college. Seriously, I’m still bitter about it. Hire me for career coaching instead of going to your college’s career center ✌️✌️

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ANYWAY, if you’ve been following my life on Instagram, you might know that I got laid off twice last year. Yes, you read that correctly, TWICE! What a garbage year, am I right? Don’t worry, though, I’m currently settling into a ~new~ job and I’m loving it so far. After my first layoff from my dream job at Rebecca Minkoff, I experienced something that had NEVER happened to me in my prior job searches. My LinkedIn and email inboxes were suddenly flooded with TONS of messages from NYC job recruiters.

What is a job recruiter?

A job recruiter is a person who works to find the best potential employees for current job openings. Companies hire job recruiters to help them fill their open positions. A job recruiter’s responsibilities often include contacting potential hires via LinkedIn or email, screening hires for interviews, and coordinating job interviews on a company’s behalf. Hiring can be a long, expensive, and time-consuming process, which is why a lot of companies choose to outsource all of that work to a job recruiter.

How do I work with a job recruiter?

Recruiters spend a ton of their time scouring the web for anyone who fits the open positions they’ve been tasked with filling. The easiest way to work with a recruiter is to contact them directly. I suggest doing this via email, although most recruiters are active on LinkedIn, too. Send a cold email introducing yourself, your career goals, and attach your most updated resume. You’re making the recruiters’ job easier by coming directly to them instead of them having to go out and magically find you in a sea of hundreds of thousands of people. Once you’ve introduced yourself, the recruiter will keep you in mind for any relevant job openings they find. Bigger agencies will have multiple recruiters across different industry categories, so they will often refer you to their colleagues from the same firm.

Are job recruiters free?

For job seekers, YES! Job recruiters are hired by companies, not by you. Companies pay recruiters to find candidates (that’s you!), so you don’t have to pay them a single cent. Hiring a career coach, which is different from a recruiter, however, is not free.

What are the best NYC job recruiting agencies?

The Agency Worx

Beacon Hill Staffing Group (best for temp jobs/administrative assistant jobs)

BOND Creative

Creative Circle (secures placements nationwide, not just NYC)

JBCStyle (mostly fashion)

Michael Page

Onward Search

SBH Fashion (fashion only)

Talent Foot

The Talent Source

24 Seven

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Although the jobs I ended up getting after both of my recent searches were through referrals (instead of recruiters), I went on some amazing interviews (ahem, Calvin Klein!?!? like THAT was a pinch me moment) with the help of job recruiting agencies. It also made me feel more at ease to know that I had so many people thinking of me and sending me relevant opportunities during a tough time. If you’re new to the city and/or don’t have a huge network, I cannot recommend reaching out to these recruiters enough. Seriously, there’s no reason not to do so. Going through a recruiter often speeds up the interview process and can help you get your foot in the door much faster/more easily than applying the traditional way. Companies that hire recruiters are usually looking to fill their positions quickly – you could have an offer letter in as soon as one week, it’s insane!


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