How to Write the Ultimate Cover Letter [+ Free Template]

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Scenario: you found an amazing job listing online. You’re reading it and things are clicking, hell yeahhhh! You scroll to the bottom and see a spot to attach your resume and then, your heart sinks. “Attach Cover Letter *Required” is in red lettering.

If you’ve ever searched for a job, chances are, you’ve experienced this exact chain of events. Cover letters are time-consuming, draining, and what the f are you supposed to write? Does anyone ACTUALLY know?

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I certainly felt stumped and defeated every time I had to include a cover letter. That’s why I’m listing my dos and don’ts on how to write the ultimate cover letter so you can take the guesswork out and score those interviews!


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Explain how you can use your skills to achieve the company’s goals.

This tip will make your letter as strong as possible. Ask yourself: what does the company want the person in this role to achieve? Do they want you to generate more leads? Maintain relationships with existing clients? Increase brand awareness? Produce copy or photos that convert to sales? Once you’ve identified which areas they want you to excel in, you can craft the body paragraphs of your letter to explain why and how you’ll be able to knock those goals out of the park based on your past experiences and skillsets.

Mimic the buzzwords found in the job posting 

It’s no secret that automation is part of the job screening process. To make sure you don’t get automatically canned, try to use the same language and key phrases as the original job posting. Remember to still keep your letter authentically you, but with buzzwords sprinkled in to get past any robots that may be lurking on the other side of the job portal.

Use concrete numbers whenever possible

There’s strength in numbers. If your work boosted sales, spiked social media followers, or what have you, try to use numbers in your cover letter to make it as compelling as possible. For more creative positions, this can be tricky, but my advice is to tie your artistic endeavors back to traffic and conversions.

Proofread, proofread proofread! 

Always proofread your work. Some companies will literally toss out your materials over one little typo. It’s dramatic but true! Triple check your spelling and grammar; my favorite tool for this is Grammarly. Make sure you’ve spelled and stylized the company’s name correctly; SO many people mess this up, don’t let it be you!


Use the exact same cover letter for every single job.

I KNOW, it’s so tempting to just copy and paste. Ain’t nobody got time to write a brand new letter each time, right? Wrong. Bad news is, you gotta MAKE the time. It’s ok to reuse the same template, but you should be filling it in with words and info that are tailored to each specific job listing (see tip 2).

Say anything negative.

Nobody likes a negative nelly. Don’t bash anyone or anything in your cover letter – it’s not the time nor place to go on any rants. Keep your tone positive, upbeat, and confident.

Write more than one page. 

Keep it brief! Your cover letter is most likely going to be skimmed, so don’t make someone groan when they see a long af letter. Make it short, sweet, and succinct without selling yourself short.

Repeat your resume. 

Your cover letter is all about giving further context and color to what’s already on your resume. You only have so many spaces and characters – don’t waste them. Give more details about how you accomplished your day-to-day tasks and milestones. Did you work collaboratively in a big team? How did you conduct your market research? How did you decide what to post on social media? What analytics were you looking at to inform your decisions? Answering these types of questions will help potential employers understand how you think as well as how you get the job done.

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As a special gift to you for clicking on and (hopefully) reading this post, I’m sharing the EXACT template I use for my cover letters when I apply for jobs! This letter has gotten me countless interviews and I hope it will do the same for you. Click the link below to receive the link to download the template.


Loving these tips? Feeling ready to conquer cover letters? I’d love to hear your feedback and success stories! Feel free to share in the comments below.

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