Hey, everyone! I’m almost ALWAYS on the lookout for shirts that say “95” on them; it’s one of my favorite numbers and it represents the year I was born, 1995. Naturally, I freaked out when I found this t-shirt at Forever 21; it has 95 on the back and NYC, my hometown, on the front! It basically sums up my entire existence 😂. This look was shot on location in New York City; at both… View Post

Hey, everyone! I’m finally all settled in to my new apartment and I thought I’d show you guys how it turned out! I’m really pleased with the results; I ended up with a room that embodies me more so than any other room I have ever lived in or decorated. Bedding: My bedding is all black with the exception of the duvet cover, which is houndstooth, one of my favorite patterns. I also have this… View Post

Hey, everyone! Nearly a month ago, I was nominated for a Liebster Award.  This time around, I’ve been nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award by Natalie of Beauty Does! Her blog is fantastic and I highly recommend you check it out. ~The Rules~ ♥︎Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog ♥︎Display the award logo on your blog ♥︎Share 7 things about yourself ♥︎Nominate 15 or so (yes, the “or… View Post

In the two months that I’ve been on WordPress, I’ve shared a total of 21 posts and hit more than 40 countries around the world.  Today marks yet another milestone- I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!  The award is designed to help new bloggers like me gain recognition and support from other bloggers, whether they be noobs or veterans.  Shoutout to my ultra stylish best friend Jamie for nominating me for this award! You… View Post

Hello, world! I first discovered blogging when I was 15 and instantly fell in love with it. As an avid user of tumblr since that time, I have decided to try to venture out into the wordpress scene.  I’m switching gears and focusing on creating a blog that generates completely original content, as opposed to simply clicking reblog to generate posts.  I’m hoping to gain support from the community and I’m really excited to be… View Post