Hey, everyone! The holidays are so close (yay!), which inevitably means that it’s the season of gift-giving and receiving. This is a compiled list of budget-friendly gifts for your friends, coworkers, and family. Happy holidays!

For the couch potato:

couch potato

Couch potato throw pillow, $20.00, available here.

For the crisis-solver:


Minimergency kit, $18.00, available here.

For the friend with a ton of jewelry:

unicorn jewelry holder

Unicorn ring and jewelry holder, $7.50, available here.

For the friend whose phone always dies when they’re out:

power bank 1

power bank 2

Ankit power bank, $9.90, available here and here.

For the jet-setter:

travel set

Passport holder and luggage tag set, $9.90, available here.


Travel hoodie pillow,  $19.95, available here.

For the friend who is always looking to step up their Insta game:


Photo advice, $17.95, available here.

For the friend who loves candles:


Printed tin candle. $10.00, available here.


Travel Jar Candle, $12.00, available here.

For the sportswear obsessed:

adidas bag

Adidas Originals Gymsack, $21.00,available here.

For the friend with on-point nails:

sephora nails

Formula X 4-Piece nail set, $18.00, available here.

For the professional friend:

card case

Card Case, $9.99, available here.

For the friend with an immense amount of home state pride:

state pride

State necklace, $14.00, available here.

And, last but not least, a gift for the fashionista:

more issues than

More Issues Than Vogue print, $11.00, available here.


Hey, everyone! Now that it’s officially the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about gift giving!  This is a comprehensive list of gifts under $20.  Happy shopping!

For the cat lover:

grumpy cat phone case

Grumpy cat phone case for the iPhone 5/5s, $7.80, available here.

For the foodie:

cookie pillow

Cookie pillow, $20.00, available here.

For that friend who practically only texts emojis:

emoji stickers

Emoji stickers, $7.74 for 288, $12.50 for 900+, available here and here, respectively.

For the Harry Potter enthusiast:

harry potter quote poster

Poster, $15.00, available here.

For the organized friend:

lilly planner

Small agenda, $17.00, available here.


Star Wars Moleskine planner, $19.95, available here.

For the friend who won’t shut up about sports:


Sportographica, $11.47, available here.

For the artsy friend:

disposable camera

Disposable camera, $14.00, available here.

For the 90’s obsessed friend:


Chokers, various prices, available here.

For the friend who’s REALLY into her sorority:

sorority bracelet

Engraved bracelet, $18.00, available here.

For the crafty friend:


The Big Ass Book of Crafts, $14.32, available here.

For the friend who loves aromatherapy:


Buttercup gift set, $14.95, available here.

For the traveler:

luggage tag

Luggage tag, $20.00, available here.

For the beauty addict:

ud eyeliner

Eyeliner set, $19.00, available here.

For the tea obsessed:

tea maker

Tea Maker, $19.95, available here.

For the friend with the huge sweet tooth:

gummy bear 2 lbs

2 Pound Gummy Bear, $19.99, available here.

And, last but certainly not least, a gift for the fashion obsessed:

the little dictionary of fashion

The Little Dictionary of Fashion, $11.57, available here.