Hey, everyone! My third and final gift guide of the season is here and it’s chock full of all things beauty. This list of 10 beauty gifts under $50 is perfect for the makeup maven, skincare junkie, or spa addict in your life. Gift away: RELATED POST: 10 LIFESTYLE GIFTS UNDER $50 1. A mini vanity mirror $10.90 at Forever 21 2. A dreamy shower bundle $19.95 at Lush 3. Briogeo Hair-O-Scopes Best Sellers Bundle… View Post

Hey, everyone! Part 2 of my gift guide series has landed. I wanted to post this on Friday, but my neighborhood was experiencing an Internet outage, so RIP to that. Now that I’m back online, I was able to compile this list of 10 lifestyle gifts under $50! Not everyone is into fashion or beauty (which is going to be the next guide, btw), so I wrote this list with that in mind. I hope… View Post

Hey, everyone! Thanks to a poll on my Instagram Stories, this holiday season, I’m doing not one but THREE gift guides on the blog! Yayyyyy! Today, I’m kicking off my 3-part gift guide series today with one about ~FASHUN~! I scoured the web far and wide to bring a curated selection of the best clothing and accessories at the lowest prices to up your girlfriends’ Insta games. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, these 10 fashionista gifts… View Post

Hey, everyone! The holidays are so close (yay!), which inevitably means that it’s the season of gift-giving and receiving. This is a compiled list of budget-friendly gifts for your friends, coworkers, and family. Happy holidays! For the couch potato: Couch potato throw pillow, $20.00, available here. For the crisis-solver: Minimergency kit, $18.00, available here. For the friend with a ton of jewelry: Unicorn ring and jewelry holder, $7.50, available here. For the friend whose phone always… View Post

Hey, everyone! Now that it’s officially the holiday season, it’s time to start thinking about gift giving!  This is a comprehensive list of gifts under $20.  Happy shopping! For the cat lover: Grumpy cat phone case for the iPhone 5/5s, $7.80, available here. For the foodie: Cookie pillow, $20.00, available here. For that friend who practically only texts emojis: Emoji stickers, $7.74 for 288, $12.50 for 900+, available here and here, respectively. For the Harry Potter enthusiast: Poster,… View Post