Hey, everyone.  Remember when I shared my list of resolutions a month ago? I wanted to stop shopping at fast fashion places and guess what? Last week, I picked up a new sweater from Bershka and this dress from Forever 21. At first, I was so mad at myself for breaking my resolution so quickly in the year. But even though I caved, my perspective and attitudes on shopping, in general, have changed more drastically… View Post

Hey, everyone! Over MLK weekend, my boyfriend and I paid a visit to the Big Easy. Truthfully, New Orleans was never at the top of my travel list. I have a complicated relationship with jazz music and I don’t really eat seafood, and those are two of the main draws to NOLA. I never thought it would be a place that I would enjoy, but four and a half days there proved me wrong- I… View Post

Hey, everyone! I’m still very much riding a New Year’s kick even though we’re a week into January now. Now that I finally have Photoshop on my computer (#workperks), I decided to design some new iPhone wallpapers for y’all! If you’re happy with your current wallpaper (I know I’m not quite ready to give up the photo of my boyfriend eating an egg sandwich at Christmas Eve mass), these also double as pins for your… View Post

Hey, everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to the first blog post of 2019. I’m so excited for this upcoming year! Normally, I’m not a resolution maker or keeper, but, in the spirit of the new year, I thought it would be fun to change it up. I’ve been thinking long and hard about all of the things I want to change, learn, and experience this year, so I wrote them all down in public view for… View Post

Hey, everyone. Today’s blog post comes out of a very real and scary situation that I dealt with a couple of weeks ago, so strap in! It’s story tiiiime. If you’re reading this and you have a blog, this is extremely important info and I strongly suggest pinning this/bookmarking this post, god forbid, you experience something like this. None of my blogger friends had gone through this, so I didn’t have anyone besides dudes on… View Post