I know I’ve only been doing these Friday Favorites posts for three weeks now, but I think this is the best one yet. Last week’s Favorites only featured products from Forever 21 and Amazon, so this week I mixed it up. I included products in all different categories (clothing, home, beauty, accessories) from five different retailers! By making this list more diverse across categories, I really hope there’s something here for everyone. These items all appeal to different sides of my personal style.

1. Geo Light Moon Sculpture

uo moon light nroh

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m sort of straying into basic betch territory with this piece. But I have no regrets. I’ve always loved moons and at $34, this is just as aesthetic as some of the more expensive light options at UO. This would look great as a standalone piece or with other fairy lights. This light gives off a soft glow for a cool, calm, and collected vibe.

2. Tarteist Matte Lip Paint

nroh tarte lip paint

Image via ulta.com

Ok, y’all, I wore this out last Friday night so I can attest to its staying power. I wore xoxo and it looked bomb and I barely had to reapply! Definitely gives my Kylie lip kits a tough break. I also have it in Killin’ It which is totally a dupe for Kylie’s Spice, but it’s way better quality. I’ll do a full-on Tarte review at some point, but yeah, these lip paints are amazing.

3. Stranger Things Tee

stranger things fri faves nroh

Image via target.com

As you guys know from my recent post about Stranger Things, season 2 is rapidly approaching. To get into gear, I bring you this rad tee from Target! It’s actually a men’s tee (I don’t wear women’s tees) and at $13, why wouldn’t you rock this on the day of the season premiere?

4. Crêped Dress

creped dress nroh hm

Image via hm.com

After this week’s post on millennial pink, you guys might be tired of seeing/reading about it. But HERE I AM AGAIN with m.p. the real MVP. I absolutely love the retro style of this dress and the black piping sleeve detail. It’s super adorable and work appropriate.

5. Room for Amour Metallic Purse

gold heart purse nroh modcloth

Image via modcloth.com

You guys may know I have a thing for quirky bags. I’ve featured them now and again on my blog (I took weird bags to all of my sorority formals and have listicles here and here), so it was only a matter of time before they made it to the Friday Favorites. This Friday’s pick is this super cute gold heart-shaped purse from ModCloth! I’m normally a silver person, but I couldn’t help but think about how cute this would look as part of a night out ensemble.

Loved this lineup? Disappointed in this lineup? Want to see more of a certain category featured? Share your honest thoughts with me in the comments! This a new series and I’m always looking to improve my content 🙂



It’s Friday the 13th in the month of October, no less! In honor of this extra spooky day, I threw in a bunch of Halloween/fall related items in this week’s Friday Favorites. Halloween is actually my favorite holiday, and I’ve almost got all the pieces of my costume together! I’ll be sure to show you guys on my Instagram and Twitter once it’s all finished. For now, check out these picks and be sure to take a peek at Wednesday’s post about Stranger Things in case you missed it!

1. Cat Ears

nroh cat ears

Image via forever21.com

Don’t want to spend a ton of money or effort on a costume? Forever 21’s got your back with these super cute and cheap cat ears! Make Halloween simple with a pair of ears and an all-black ensemble. Sure, it’s basic, but it’s a popular look for a reason. You’ll look chic and festive and it’ll only cost you $5 or so.

2. Ghost String Lights

ghost lights amazon nroh

Image via amazon.com

HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE LIGHTS?!?!? Swap out your Christmas lights that you keep up all year with some ghost ones for some true Halloween spirit! These are great if you’re hosting a Halloween party. Tbh, I’d leave these up all year long because they’re just so freakin’ cute.

3. Simpsons Graphic Pullover

nroh simpsons f21

Image via forever21.com

If you’ve been following my blog since the early days (and/or know me in real life), you’d know that I own a Simpsons crop top and an oversized sweater. While I don’t rock those two pieces as often anymore, I was totally captivated by this men’s Simpsons pullover. I find myself wearing crop tops less and less and my style has definitely shifted towards men’s tees and pullovers, hence this would be a perfect translation of the old me to the new me.

4. Autumn Harvest Potpourri

potpourri amazon nroh fall

Image via amazon.com

I’m not a fan of candles (fire freaks me out), but I love having fresh scents in my home. The solution? Potpourri! This fall potpourri from Amazon is a perfect and easy way to give your home some seasonal scents. This potpourri has hints of apple, vanilla, and other spices.

5. Holographic Sequin Skirt

nroh skirt f21

Image via forever21.com

If you’re like me and you’ve been lusting over the Glittoris collection from O-Mighty for the past several months, Forever 21’s got a cheaper solution. This sequin skirt is a great dupe and is sure to turn heads! I know it’s a few months away, but this would be a great piece to wear to a New Year’s party.

Hope you guys loved these! I have so much fun putting together the Friday Favorites, and it helps that Halloween is coming cause it’s my faaaaaave! Come back next Friday to shop all over again and consider signing up for my emails to receive two more of my weekly picks 🙂

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