Hey, everyone! Yesterday, I took advantage of the 70 degree weather and spent some quality time in the sunshine with an order of large fries.  My shirt also happened to feature the very same french fries I was eating – go figure.  I decided to break out my American Apparel denim skirt (scored at a thrift store in Wicker Park a few months back) and rocked a beanie and was surprisingly not sweaty. My slept-in… View Post

Hey, everyone! My post about my sorority’s spring formal is one of my successful posts to date, so I decided to feature my look for winter formal! Since Chicago winter is crazy cold, I specifically wanted a long-sleeved dress that was knee-length or longer.  Finding a dress with these specific requirements in mind was no easy task, but I finally landed on the perfect one from Forever 21.  It’s quite modest and the lace-up detailing… View Post

Hey, everyone! Last year, I was coveting a ridiculously cute crop top from Topshop that was black and white and resembled a comic-book sort of print with hearts dispersed throughout.  I was anxiously waiting for it to go on sale (original price was $72, definitely out of my budget) and it NEVER did.  However, when I saw this dress at Buffalo Exchange, I was ecstatic.  It looks almost identical to the shirt that I had… View Post

Hey, everyone! Last night, I was in the South Loop at the launch celebration for Clinique’s new 2-in-1 concealer and foundation called Beyond Perfecting, so today’s blog post is going to be a 2-in-1 event recap and beauty review.  This was an amazing experience, considering I knew little about Clinique’s history and identity within the global market going into this event. EVENT RECAP The event started with a presentation about Clinique’s founding. The brand was… View Post

Hey, everyone! It’s finally starting to warm up here in Chicago, so I decided it was time to break out my black midi skirt and matching crop top.  There are so many things I love about this outfit, it’s hard to list them all! My favorite thing is probably the striped detailing. By mixing affordable pieces with upscale ones, this look comes off as polished and way more expensive than it actually is. I’m also… View Post