Hey, everyone! By popular vote, the Friday Favorites series is now a MONTHLY favorites series! It’s also slightly different- I’m not talking about things I wish I had, I’m talking about things I actually purchased and tried for myself. These are the top 5 purchases I made in January: 1. Black Puff Ball Hat I had been seeing everyone on the streets of New York rocking variations of this hat, so of course, I had to get… View Post

Hey, everyone! I’m finally back (I know, long time no see) with a beauty review post! Today I’m talking hair, which, quite frankly, I haven’t really done much of on here. Anyway, you guys all know what my hair normally looks like (straight/wavy-ish on a good day)- so I had a BLAST experimenting with the CHoPstick Styler from Lee Stafford Hair! The rectangular barrel is super skinny and it’s designed to give you super tight… View Post

Hey, everyone! I’m concluding 2016 with a list of my most beloved beauty products! I did a similar beauty essentials post a while back, but this year I did experimented with so many different products that I decided a whole new list was necessary! I’m sooo excited to keep trying and discovering new things in the coming year- big things are in store! What were your most loved products of 2016? Let me know in… View Post

If you had a nickel for every time someone used the phrase “millennial,” whether it was pejoratively or affectionately, I’m guessing you’d have a lot of nickels.  The term “millennial” is a buzzword that saturates everyday discussions both in real life and in the media: but what does it actually mean to be a millennial? What do millennials REALLY think? These are questions that Jack and David Cahn set out to answer with their brand-new… View Post

Hey, everyone! I do my fair share of traveling (and I’ve traveled more in this past year than I have in my whole life) so I decided to round up a list of the 7 most important things you should take with you on your next trip! This list is the result of trial and error (“Oh, I wish I had brought ___”).  Whether your trip is short or long, if you pack each of… View Post