Hey, everyone! So great to meet you back here for the Friday Favorites again. This lineup has a couple of ~unexpected~ items thrown in. Not everything here is gonna be cutesy, FYI, sometimes, a girl’s gotta have her practical things. Also, thanks so much to those who provided feedback on this series through my Instagram polls! If you wanna get more involved in what goes on in my lil corner of the Internet, head over to my Instagram where I’ll be posting to my Stories daily. You’ll get even more of a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in my life beyond html.

1. Матрёшка [matryoshka] Bowl Set

nesting dolls modcloth no repeats or hesitations 2

Image via modcloth.com

Yes, I’ll admit, I’m a biiiit of a Russophile, even with what’s going on with Russia-US relations right now (obviously, I don’t condone Russia hacking the ’16 election, but I do feel connected to Russian history and language). Anyway, I digress. These nesting doll bowls are so adorable! Despite the fact that they’re advertised as snack bowls, I’d probably use them as jewelry dishes.

2. Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck

no repeats or hesitations uniqlo turtleneck

Image via uniqlo.com

I absolutely love Uniqlo’s HEATTECH line. You guys also already know how much I love turtlenecks, so naturally, these are a fave of mine. HEATTECH products are super thin but designed to keep you extra warm- perfect for those who aren’t about that bulky layering life! I definitely recommend this entire line to anyone who lives in a cold area.

3. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

no repeats or hesitations seat cushion amazon

Image via amazon.com

Ok, I know how silly this thing looks, but after working for the past month, I realized I feel quite a bit of pain in my tailbone from sitting all day. The solution? A seat cushion like this one. Sitting all day is unhealthy and uncomfortable, so why not treat your hiney right? I’m planning to use this cushion each day at work and for long flights!

4. NYX Green Tea Blotting Papers

no repeats or hesitations nyx blotting papers

Image via ulta.com

I know, I didn’t put these in my NYX review, but they still made it to the blog! Even though it’s not summer and our faces are no longer melting off, skin STILL gets oily! I have combo skin, so in the winter some of my face gets super dry, while my t-zone still remains as oily as ever. These green tea-infused papers calm your face and provide relief! They’re also cheaper than the ones at Sephora. Definitely a must-have.

5. Recipes Every College Student Should Know

college recipes no repeats or hesitations

Image via uo.com

Wow, where was this when I was in college? Sure, you could spend hours scouring Buzzfeed/Pinterest for easy recipes, but for $9.99, this cute lil book will give you all the inspo you need. Win!

After listening to your feedback, the Friday Favorites will be transforming into a monthly favorites series once December hits. Next Friday, I’ll be covering Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, but after that, you won’t see another one of these lists till after Christmas! As always, all feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


Hey, everyone! Welcome back to the Friday Favorites. Today, I bring you a sort of a hodgepodge of random items, but they all serve great purposes. As always, this list is meant to be shopped, and ’tis the season of giving! If you see something that you or a friend may like, feel free to pin or bookmark this post for later. Or, you can even add things to your virtual cart and come back to it (I do this myself all the time)! I hope you like this week’s picks as much as I do 😊

1. Infinity scarf

infinity scarf amazon nroh

Image via amazon.com

Scarf season is upon us, folks, and it’s not going away until April, most likely. To prepare yourself, this scarf from Amazon is affordable and will keep you warm! Mine recently arrived in the mail and while it’s not as thick as my other scarf from J-Crew (which was $$$$), it’s good for what you pay.

2. Eggplant Metallic Clutch

Image via forever21.com

I purchased this clutch for my quirky bag collection last Friday, and yes, I was judged by the cashier. At under $10, this is totally a steal. I mean, how hilarious is this bag? You’ll definitely capture attention and probably some giggles, too. A great gift idea for that friend who’s always talking about 🍆 (come on, we all have that friend).

3. Kate Spade Initial Necklace

kate spade initial necklace

Image via nordstrom.com

Who doesn’t like initial necklaces? This one from Kate Spade is gorgeous and timeless. I love the silver finish and the crystalized lettering. Totally chic and soooo wearable. Hello, new jewelry staple!

4. Sinful Colors Rose Gold Polish

sinful colors rose gold

Image via walgreens.com

Rose gold betches, where you at? I’m not really into the whole rose gold craze, but I do find this nail polish to be absolutely beautiful. In case you didn’t know, Sinful Colors is the best budget brand on the market. This shade will only set you back $2! Time to treat yo self and yo nails.

5. Instax Frame Set

instax frames uo

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

I love taking polaroids. I used to hang mine on my wall, but that’s risky and can easily damage them. These frames look more elegant than say, stringing them along a clothesline. These mini frames would look great on your desk or shelf. Cherish and protect your polaroids by framing them!

That’s all for now! If you enjoyed this roundup, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I love hearing what you guys have to say. Come back next week for another round of affordable items- in the meantime, I’ll be scouring the web for the best deals and steals!

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