At this time a year ago, I was immersed in the streets of the shuk in Jerusalem with 39 strangers, who quickly became some of my closest friends. My 10 days in Israel were eye opening spiritually and culturally. Israel also introduced me to a lifelong love affair with what is possibly one of the tastiest and easiest foods to make in your very own kitchen. Enter: shakshuka. My only regret is not making this exact shakshuka… View Post

Hey, everyone! It’s been a stressful quarter for me so far, so I took a break from my work last night and made these super delicious blondies that are loaded with m&ms! They’re so quick and easy to make.  You can substitute the m&ms with chocolate chips, oreos, or any other candy or cookie you may have lying around at home. I adapted the recipe from here.  The batter made after following the recipe was… View Post

Hey, everyone! Today, I’m taking a break from fashion and sharing an amazing recipe that I tried this past weekend.  Brownies, toffee, and cheesecake are three of the best desserts life has to offer, so why not combine them?  I adapted the recipe from here (they suggested using brownie mix, but I went for brownies from scratch instead).  I made 18 brownies, but you could make more or less depending on how you cut them… View Post