Hey everyone! If you’re a blogger who’s active on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the “get to know me” Instagram Story templates floating around! According to the Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon, it’s a good idea to post to your Stories at least 3 times a day (once in the morning, once midday, and once in the evening). The idea is to get people “addicted” to watching your Stories so that your content shows up more often… View Post

Hey, everyone! For those who subscribe to my YouTube channel, today’s post isn’t much of a surprise! I broke away from my usual video schedule to publish my Glossier lidstar review sooner rather than later. In case you missed the vid, I have it all written down for you in ~blog post form~ today (plus there’s a link to the video at the end if you wanna skip all this mumbo jumbo and just watch that). To… View Post

Hey, everyone! We’re already well into March, but I’m still reveling in all the amazing finds I discovered in February! These are my top 5 picks for last month and I’ve been getting a TON of use out of all these items already. 1. Newsboy hat The newsboy trend has blown up, but like all trends, it will soon subside, likely next season. To get in on the fun, I bought this $8(!!) plain black… View Post

Hey, everyone! You may already know this, but I’ll say it again for anyone who’s new here, I LOVE all things skincare! I have a morning and night routine that I follow very diligently. Although I’m serious about taking care of my body’s largest organ, I’ve been super self-conscious about my under-eye area. I get dark circles and I cover up my under-eye area with concealer pretty much every single day. I hadn’t expressed this insecurity… View Post

Hey, everyone! I’m shifting away from my usual fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content to bring you a TRAVEL post! I spent Presidents Day weekend in DC (fitting, I know) and had a blast doing both touristy and local activities. This post contains my full 3-day itinerary for Washington DC plus a link to my travel vlog. If you’re considering visiting DC at any point and don’t want to do a ton of work planning your trip,… View Post