Hey, everyone! A bit of a life update here, in case you didn’t see on my ~new~ Instagram bio, I changed jobs! I bid a bittersweet farewell to my matchmaking job and I have started a new chapter of my life as the Creative Strategist for Rebecca Minkoff. I am now the voice behind Rebecca Minkoff’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to a global audience of over 2 million followers. I’m still trying to wrap my… View Post

Hey, everyone! This post has been highly requested by my IG followers and I’m beyond excited to be sharing my tips on how to use Twitter as a blogger. A lot of my blogger friends have expressed both frustration and confusion when it comes to using Twitter. For me, Twitter was the first social media platform that I fell in love with as a blogger. I, too, didn’t know how to properly use it for… View Post

Hey, everyone! In case you didn’t see on my Insta Stories, I was visiting friends in Chicago over Easter weekend! While I was there, I decided to pay a visit to Forever 21’s beauty concept, Riley Rose. Located inside of Water Tower Place, Riley Rose offers tons of sought-after and hard-to-find beauty products for a shopping experience unlike that of Ulta and Sephora. When I first heard that Forever 21 was launching a beauty concept,… View Post

Hey, everyone! It’s been a hot MINUTE since I wrote a style post, and I’m kicking off 2018’s fashion content with a guide on how to style a teddy bear coat. This item BLEW UP this winter and I was able to join in on the fun thanks to this coat from Urban Outfitters/I AM GIA. This particular coat has been seen on the likes of Olivia Jade, Selena Gomez, and many more celebs. Spotted:… View Post

Hey everyone! If you’re a blogger who’s active on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the “get to know me” Instagram Story templates floating around! According to the Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon, it’s a good idea to post to your Stories at least 3 times a day (once in the morning, once midday, and once in the evening). The idea is to get people “addicted” to watching your Stories so that your content shows up more often… View Post